Monday, 14 May 2012

Vinca Rosea

I just managed to get my entry in for Day 14 of May Flower Challenge. I joined only on the Day 10 of Lori Moon's challenge of posting a flower related picture every day of May or at whatever frequency suits you. 

These Vinca Rosea flowers are abundant in India and are found in different colors. But we have only these violet/pink colored ones below our balcony.


  1. Beautiful flowers Apni!! Good for you entering every day of the challenge. I made no such promises this time around :-)

  2. Beautiful! I love the shade of pink and how the color is so much darker in the center. Thanks for joining in the fun!

  3. Thanks Lorinda. Since its my first time I'm all charged up to keep up with it.....maybe it'll be different next time on :)

    Thanks Lori! your blog and your comments are always very encouraging.

  4. What a sweet flower, love the bottom pic, just lovely!