Tuesday, 8 May 2012

29 faces - Days 5,6,7 and 8

I'm clearing the backlog of 4 days. 

I tried to sketch a famous personality but it didn't come out as intended. :( The resemblance hasn't come out at all. Well, all I can do is...keep trying.

 This is my first 'own' face i.e I drew it on my own without any reference. Although Budhha doesn't seem like a handsome man in my sketch but at least all parts are in the correct place :)

This is a Rajasthani man with his camel. Can I consider the camel's face as another one in the 29;) Rajasthan is the only desert state in India. To make up the lack of color in the terrain, Rajasthanis wear wonderful colorful costumes. They even dress up their camels with lots

Goddess Durga is said to have killed a fearful demon to save the world from his atrocities. The day the Goddess slayed the demon, is celebrated as Vijayadashami. Week long celebrations are held in India and huge clay statues of the Goddess are put up in public places accompanied by fairs. 

Sorry for the poor quality of the pics. I felt too lazy to scan and took photos in the fading light of the evening.