Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Nib painting

I'm sharing another old painting of mine for Day 15 of the May Flower Challenge at Lori Moon Studio. I'd seen something known as a nib painting and wanted to try it out. Evidently you dip a pen nib into paint and use it to fill your picture. I just used all available-at-home stuff for this. Even the nib was replaced by a toothpick and I just let the flowers take shape as I painted. Its best done on a velvet kind of cloth as the end result has a 3D effect to it. But mine was just plain left over fabric. The overall result, I think, was passable. But alas...years of neglect have made it look dirty and I think there are even some oil stains on it now. 


  1. I love the texture in the flower petals. Thanks for playing along. xoxo Lori

  2. Love the colors and details you created with your nib.