Thursday, 31 May 2012

The May Flower challenge grand finale!

I had hoped to post a flower everyday in Lori Moon's May Flower Challenge. But my sudden travel plans disrupted everything. I was still hopeful I would be able to post flowers once I reached my destination but when on a vacation at your parents place with 2 active kids to be taken care of and entertained while you are working from home all the time, the motivation to blog takes the backseat. 
Today being the last day I thought I will post all the flower pics I had taken in the last few days. 

A blue flower -
Hibiscus -

Spider Lilies -

Oleander -

Trees full of colorful flowers. The violet ones are the flowers of the same tree as these dried pods I had posted earlier. The red ones are known as Gulmohor in India and are also known as Flame of the forest as the entire tree becomes red when the flowers are in blossom.

Brocade and embroidered flowers in Indian sarees and a cross stitch tablecloth motif.

So this is my first post today and this goes to Lori Moon's May Flower Challenge. Thanks Lori for giving us such a wonderful chance to spot flowers around us, capture them and share them. And it was such a  pleasure visiting all other flower enthusiasts. I wish I'd joined earlier and not had to take the break too.

I'd fallen behind in another challenge too - 29 faces at Ayala Art. So I sketched a few faces to make the total count 29! :) I'll post those in a separate post.

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  1. WOW, your photos are beautiful! I am so glad that you were able to join in when you could - I totally understand that life just gets in the way. I am so grateful for when you did post, your lovely comments, and the fact that you reciprocated linking. By the way, I love the flowers that you noticed in the textiles - amazing what we see once we open ourselves up to it. Thanks again, xoxo