Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Nimbu Mirchi

I'm very late for the Party (PPF) of last week! I wanted to submit something on time but during the week, I didn't get any time. And I spent the weekend enjoying what others had submitted. But the desire to submit something was still there...suddenly an idea to go with the "Friday, the 13th" theme stuck me and I thought its ok if I'm late (very late actually). I just finished making this sketch of an Indian Evil Eye Warder - Nimbu Mirchi or Chillies & Lime.

Nimbu Mirchi Sketch

I would have loved to do it in water colors but I've not worked too much with them (same with any other medium as I'm new to art ;) ) and didn't want to risk it at 11:30 PM in the night. So I just made a pencil sketch. The original photo is here.

Traditionally, in India, chillies and a lime are strung on a string and hung in entrance of houses and shops with the belief that it'll ward off all evil eyes (or spirits). You can see them hanging in the front bumper of trucks too :) Once the chillies and lime start drying up, they are replaced with fresh ones. The old one are thrown away and you wouldn't want to step on them as all the evil spirits will now haunt you :)

Now there are a number of options if you are not too keen on fresh ones or are worried about buying new chillies and lime every week. You can choose from brass, oxidized metal, silk fibre, silver coated or ceramic chillies and lime.


  1. Does it still ward off the evil eye if I eat the chilis and use the lime in a drink?

    It's a great sketch. Now go splash a little color into it.

  2. Hahaha! We Indians do make yummy pickles of lime and chillis....but not from the ones on the string. :) I hope to splash some color before the next party.

    Btw, your entry of the European village was very cute.

  3. Interesting! I'd love to go to India one day! I am sure there are lots of wonderful things to draw there! Patsy from

  4. Well, I'm late getting around to visit the PPF posts - LOL! I really like your sketch.